Thursday, November 22, 2007


I have so much to be thankful for. My wonderful family most of all, including my precious Grandson, Brock. We put up the Christmas tree together and he said "Oh, Mimi! Look, it is the most beautiful-est, gorgeous-est tree in the world! His face spoke the rest of the story. Wonder, bliss, excitement, hope, AWE. I saw similar glimpses of this wonderment a few days later at Target. He noticed and appreciated and acknowledged every Christmas tree, every ornament, every light and decoration. He even thought garland was "so cute!" Here is a photo of him playing "police officer."

That's what I want, that is what I am going to practice... the wonder of seeminingly "ordinary" things. Life hasn't actually been ordinary! For instance: My art has been published! I designed the covers for the "2008 Conscious Planner." I designed two covers, (front and back of 2 versions)... one is more feminine and isn't shown. The other one under the caption "New This Month"... please have a look. Here it is:

This book was published by my dear friend and life coach, Nina Durfee. Have a look around her site. She has helped me a lot, and if you've ever wondered about life coaching, Nina is the one to try. She is amazing, and is a wonderful writer as well!

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  1. Good for you! Isn't it nice when great things happen...your art is very nice...


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