Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Christmas Treasure

Oh my goodness. I was talking to my Grandson Brock and his Mom on the phone yesterday. His Mama told me that they went shopping and he wanted to buy me a purse for Christmas. She told him no, that they would get something else later. They were wrapping presents that evening, and Brock was upset that he didn't have that purse to wrap. He said "I think I'll give her my tools, because she has a lot of broken stuff at her house." (I do?) So, when he got on the phone with me, he excitedly said "Mimi! Guess what? I wrapped up all my old tools to give you!" So I (in my most excited voice) said "You did? Thank you so much I can't wait to open them!" Then he said "I got them for you 'cause you're like God." When I asked him what he meant he said "You're like God because you fix people and make them feel better!" Can you imagine? Precious little angel.

I can't wait to open up those dirty little plastic tools. They will be my treasures.


  1. thanks for visiting my blog! i just know you will LOVE your new tools! every woman needs a good tool set! see you again!

  2. Wow!
    That is sooo cool I want to be like God!


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