Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I won a Blogger Award!

I won this award from my new friend Pattie in Rochester, New York! We are about as far away from each other as physically possible (New York to Oregon), but we have so much in common! I won't share ALL of it now, but we are artists, grandmothers of boys in the same age group, she and I are also in the same age group, and we seem to think the same way! My job is to pass this award on to people who've made my day, and I shall. Because you have "made" many of my days I want to bestow this award on the following people:
Please enjoy and remember to pass it along.


  1. Sheila, could you be more wonderful?! I don't think so. Thank you for your sweet comments and bestowing the award upon me. I do not take this honor lightly and I will do what I can to live up to it and it's responsibilities. We are in for some big fabulous changes this year. I can't wait. You make my heart smile.

  2. Dear Sheila,
    I am also honored to get an award, how very very sweet of you, I don't know how to copy the image on to my post to pass it on..Help!


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