Friday, February 22, 2008

Pssst.... Come Closer, I have stories to tell. Warning though... Turn Away if you're a bit Squeamish!

This is going to sound a bit kooky to some people, but I think a little "kookieness" is essential in life, don't you? I didn't know until recently that I posessed this odd little trait, but here it is for all the world to see. I think I could potentially blame it all on Sally Jean. After all she started me on this quest for vintage doll heads in order to take one of her classes in 2006. You've seen the aforementioned Harriett right here on this blog. So, sometimes when you're buying these dolly heads to create the "Sally Jean" type art dolls, you have to buy an entire package or "lot" of doll parts, not just heads. Sooooo, I fell in love with the "parts" too. The first photo is of a doll peeking out of a white glass in my kitchen. My grandson does find her a bit creepy because she always "watches us" but isn't she the cutest? She deserves an interesting place to be, and heaven knows there's always something interesting going on in this little house. (Good thing she dosn't speak).

Ok, the chandelier display of body parts? (Click photos to enlarge) That is strictly for your enjoyment and I think it's cute, or at least a little funny in an odd sort of way. I tried not to name them, but it just happens (not the ones without heads, I DO have limits). You know they are on to prettier places. There are art dolls to be made, relatives of Harriet which I will show you as they are finished. They take a long time, as the most of the dresses are hand built and attached wire by wire. Each have several different types of individual charms, collaged first, placed between glass, soldered, and then soldered to the dolls. I just inform you of this in case you are expecting a large burst of energy or sudden productivity.

The doll parts I "artfully" placed on the chandelier for you to see had to be done in about 3 minutes while DH went to pick up Chinese for dinner. I didn't want him to catch me being "nutty"... (as if this would be something new). Whew, there was some fast picture taking going on in here. He caught me as I was taking them off the chandelier. He stopped his tracks, did a double take, looked at me, then shook his head and kept walking.

I have more to share maybe next week, before they are made into pretty things. (And of course you know I got some new ideas from putting them on the chandelier...yes you know I'll do it). The soldering iron is here, and I have chandeliers on hand in the basement.

Anyway, the only thing I feel creepy about is... do you remember "Sid" the evil kid from the movie "Toy Story"? Yikes! My doll parts are collected for fun, I won't go crazy! (Too crazy, that is...)


  1. ewww, that is pretty weird, I'm not really a doll kinda girl to begin with, and the whole doll parts is kinda creepy, but... for the sake of 'art' we do what we have to do. Some people have actually used nude models!!!

  2. Sheila..
    When I was a kid I use to collect those adorable little dolls...alas, all are gone!! Can't wait to see what you art up!!

  3. Thanks for visiting me Sheila over on my blog! Found your blog fascinating though a little disturbed when I first glanced at the doll part chandelier...!


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