Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some Assembly Required

I finally had the soldering day I've been planning for yesterday. Next time, I'm going to organize it differently in order to be more productive (and less frustrated). I need to have all of the papers (collages) assembled, in the glass and taped before I break out my soldering iron. I got everything out, had nothing taped, and nothing ready to go behind the glass. So I just collaged in the midst of it all. (I'm still cleaning up). I sure had fun though! Now that I have a lot of pieces completed the next step will be jump rings (oops, none on hand), and assembly. I included the pieces I did at Sally's, so I did 14 additional pieces yesterday.

Do you like the vintage bingo balls and the dolly hands? Those will all be fun on one of my pendants! I'm going to do more of those, a bit more jewelry, and then some more dolls. (Oh man, have those broken vintage doll heads gotten expensive in the past 2 years)! Before I took my first class with Sally in 2006, you could get tons of them for a few dollars on e-bay, but those days are gone. Hmmm, I think I will find a flea market next weekend. You know that I must!


  1. You are very ambitious! I never have learned the tape and solder thing. I'm impressed! Enjoying your blog and hope we see each other again soon, M.

  2. Very nice miss Sheila!!While you were soldering to your hearts desire I was having a yard party, translation..pulling weeds. I'll be glad later when, there are flowers in those naked beds!!

  3. I want to come to your house and PLAY!!
    I tagged you at my blog...come on over and see...


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