Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hip Hip Hurray!!!

Makes me sound anything but hip, doesn't it?? Oh well, it's kind of a retro day anyway. WHY, you may ask? Well because I have sold my first line to a retail store today!

Yes, my charms have hit the "big time"! (Well, at least here in Salem)! Cherry Redd fashion boutique in Salem will exclusively carry my line of "pin-up charms". They also bought many of those in my "icicle" line (but I can sell those elsewhere too). He referred me to a decorator/home/antique boutique store in the area that he is "sure" will be interested in my vintage ephemera charms. He is writing me a check when I deliver the pin up charms this evening! I am soooooooooooooo excited!

I would never have thought to do "pin up" charms if it weren't for Tina! She went to his store and showed him her charms, and told them he should carry them! He said he might if I would do pin-up girls to match with the style of his store. Soooooooooo, Tina came straight back to me and told me to hurry up and DO IT! It took me a long time to find pin up girl pictures that weren't copyrighted, but I finally did and made the charms last weekend!! The owner loved them and bought them on the spot, with a promise to buy more of that genre and ordered some custom charms as well! Thank you, Tina for being my friend and avid promoter! I've teased that you're my business "manager" and you kind of have been! You're the doll of the universe!

Thank you Joy for being my very best friend in Oregon! You are my sweet, funny, smart, encouraging, "go to" girl for EVERYTHING! Your talent and energy continue to amaze me. You are the most productive artist and woman I've ever met. I'm proud to be your friend.

Judge Waco, thank you beyond measure for being not just a customer, but also a cheerleader, and thank you for the beautiful stamps, vintage books and ephemera! It is all so special, and I am using it instead of saving it, as you instructed me. You TOTALLY "get" me.

Thank you to Nina, my life coach for encouraging me to keep pushing through my fog to reach the clarity it took to find an art medium which I love (and can make a little money from) and which fits within my lifestyle, and work life. Thank you Nina, for helping me to find the confidence to call myself an Artist and Designer. I just can't thank you enough. You are amazing.

Thanks to Mary, I have an "in" at Twigs Boutique (and other places!) who also may be interested in my work, and for giving me plenty of encouragement. Besides being one of my most wonderful friends, she's a great "customer" and TOTALLY understands the ideas behind my work.

Thank you to Shannon, Bianca, Tracy and Dan for supporting me in so many ways toward success! You've encouraged me every step of the way, and not been angry when I've taken a little extra time at lunch, etc. (I've paid it all back if any big supervisors are reading this). :)

Besides that, this Friday, the 4th of July I am selling them at an antique fair in Silverton... "Old Stuff on Main Street" which is from 9 am until 4 pm. This fair is put on and promoted by my friend Joy, she has more energy than anyone I've ever met! I'm also doing an antique fair at my friend Diane's on August 16th in Sublimity! (Please see photos of her things at her show last week. They are in my post from yesterday).

I am soooooooooo excited at the success I've had with them, I hope it keeps growing and growing! As you know, they are very time and labor intensive, and since they are my art, they are "part of me" which made it kind of hard to put myself out there in that way (especially to a "young" type store of this sort).

So, even though I have no trophy, and this isn't the Academy awards, I'm sure the music for me to hush up would be starting up, so thanks again and




  1. Sheila,
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You soooo deserve this! You are one of the most talented people I have ever met. Good job and I'm sure more success is going to continue to come your way!!!

  2. Congrats !!! We will see you tommoro- my daughter is having a booth there too. I really want to purchase one of your charms , they are the cutest!!
    See ya soon,

  3. Hello~ Congrats on your charms!!!! Way to go!!! They are really cute!

    Enjoy your weekend!~

  4. The pin-ups are SOOOOO CUUUTTTEEE!! Your doing a great jpb. I'm glad i was finally able to put a face to a blog =D If i ever open up my own shop ( a zillion years from now) your going to be the first person i call , i love your charms!


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