Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Try Try Again!

All I want to do is go to the Flea Market. Of course I would love to go to the one at the Rose Bowl in California, or Alameda (might be the same place), or especially one in Paris or London. But I will settle for a local one, I'm easy to please. All I get is empty parking lots!

Soooooooo, last month on the first Saturday I got up at 4:30 a.m. got ready, got a Starbucks and a scone on the way, cranked up the tunes and drove the 35 miles to the Flea Market. I was psyched and dreaming about all of the treasures I would find for my soldered charms, etc. I had visions of huge boxes full of old journals, old books, old photos, old tiny pieces to add to necklaces. What a day I was going to have. I arrived to an empty parking lot. Seriously. Uh. I felt so dejected. I got home and checked the internet, and the Flea Market is SUNDAY, not Saturday!
So, last Sunday (the first Sunday) I got up at 4:30 a-g-a-i-n... I picked up Joy and we headed out together. So much more fun than going alone. It's the most fun to go with a friend rather than alone, and especially one who really "gets me." We may split up, shop for ourselves, but always holler when we spot something the other would love. (This is our procedure for thrifting too). So we arrive so excited and on the way having downed our venti lattes and cranberry orange scones, chattering all the way. We pull up to the fairgrounds and here is what we saw... yep an abandoned parking lot!!! They must not have had it because of the 4th of July Holiday. UGH!

Never to give up, we decided to go to some estate sales, garage sales and thrifting. We were a little bit lucky! I forget now what Joy's favorite treasures are, but here are mine. I got this jacket (in my size, HURRAY)! , and yes it is brand new with the tag still in it! The price tag says $95 and I got it for 50 cents! I'm not kidding!

Then at the thrift store, I found this size small vintage white sequined sweater (wool and angora) for about 80 cents! Dont'cha love it? Of course it is way too tiny for me, but it will fit Stella perfectly! I need to find her some clothes poor girl, before she arrives here! I need to find a top and a skirt, because you know I've got plenty of charms for her to wear! Oh, who is Stella? You'll find out soon! Hugs!


  1. I LOVE THAT SWEATER...find one in a small for me!! LOL
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    I have an award FOR YOU!!!
    Artfully Yours,

  2. Just came over from Pattie's blog - Oh, what fun - your blog AND your shopping adventure!!

  3. Hi, I just came over from Pattie's blog too. I have to comment on your pendants.. too funny. I have been making them also. I have to say yours are much better than mine. I'm trying to sell mine on Etsy. I used to have a shop & booth and sold all kinds of goodies. Now just peddling jewelry... Still loads of fun to go to the flea markets and thrift stores.

  4. I cant wait to find out who stella is, you and Joy crack me up, italways seems like there is a new adventure happening! have a great week, and stay cool =D


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