Tuesday, December 16, 2008

HELP, My blog Disappeared!

It all started a few weeks ago when Joy mentioned that she couldn't make a comment on my blog. Well, I didn't pay much attention, because we were talking about something else, or the subject got changed (that always happens).

Then Cindy emailed me today telling me that she tried but couldn't post a comment. Yikes! I knew it was on my end then. So, I made an emergency call to Joy who referred me to "Dr. Blog" whom I hear is FANTASTIC! I am sure he is, but he doesn't "dumb it down" for dummies (er, I mean non-savvy people like me).

VERY long story short, I lost my entire blog. I finally recovered it in a different template (very generic and very basic and boring)... ick. Now of course you STILL cannot leave a comment AND my cute blog with the custom banner by the lovely Hope of "Vintage Relics" is GONE. If you are magic, please let me know, but you'll have to email me because, yep, no post comments!

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