Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Little Christmas

Not too fancy this Christmas, but come in and I'll show you around a little!

Notice the snow below? Those tree branches are actually enclosed in ice. Very pretty. We aren't supposed to have this much snow here in the Willamette Valley! Hello... we left the snow shovel in Denver 6 years ago! It's kinda crazy around here this year. They're calling it "Arctic Blast 2008" it's on the television exclusively. I've been off (until tomorrow) and I haven't seen Oprah all week! Depending on what it does tonight and tomorrow, this could be the snowiest storm in Portland's history.

Since I couldn't go to Sally Jean's angel tree topper workshop on the 6th (and I gave my old toppers to Goodwill), I had a bare tree top. I just made this one tonight. I'm not wild about it, but it may grow on me. It is an optical illusion on pictures though. It appears that I put the glitter inside the creases (ugh), but the glitter is actually on the peaks of the rosette instead. If you see the very top fold, you can tell.

It's just wallpaper, glitter and glue. There are garland beads threaded on the ribbons which were attached to it at the flower. It needs a little something more. I think the center could use some of those pink or aqua vintage spiky bead things coming out from the center with the ball. I have a few around the house, but I decorate with them year-round (crazy for them, I tell ya) so I haven't been able to make myself remove some for this project. (Why oh why didn't I buy the big fistful I saw in an Antique store in Astoria a few months ago)? Drat.

Since Brock isn't coming here to celebrate Christmas until the day after, Santa is going to his Daddy's house tonight, and his Mommy's tomorrow night. He (Santa) won't have a lot of time to spare, so he has dropped off this little guy filled with treats (below) for Brock, and filled his stocking. His gifts here will be from us this year. Sheesh, Santa can't make it 3 times for the same little guy! (I bet "the little guy" wishes he would though). Yes, if he isn't confused by then, I'm sure I will be!

My youngest brother from Portland will be coming on Christmas Day. Our family has always played games on the holidays. DH doesn't like games. So for Christmas Day, ALL the game playing stands on LB's shoulders. C'mon! Nobody else will play with me until Brock arrives. DH says all of our games are still packed out in the garage from 3-1/2 years ago. If I can't find them, I'm breaking out Candy Land, Go Fish and Sorry. Slap Jack will do in an emergency. I really like Cranium though, don't you? What other games are out there that are good for adults?

The photo above is of 3 of us with my Mom (a long time ago). A few months ago at an antique store I found exactly the same style of glasses Mom was wearing in the photo, so of course I got them and propped them up on the photo frame. She didn't say a lot, I believe she must think I'm wierd. If so, it's taken her a long time to join that posse. The only thing I think is wierd is that my youngest brother is NOT in the photo. He can't help it, he wasn't born yet, but I love the photo, so everytime my LB comes over, I apologize that he isn't in the photo. I try to make it up to him, by explaining that I DO however, have one of his newborn baby booties on the shelf across the living room. He says he doesn't care, but well... you know. I'm going to have to dig out some old photos and prop one of him up there too. I'll feel better then.

Harriet always likes to take center stage whenever possible. I think her hips look smaller from this angle don't you? This must be her "good side. I finally got the "L" in Sheila soldered on her dress. I don't know why it took me over 2 years. It was the first class I ever took with Sally Jean. The 2nd one was the next day and it was "Soldering for Virgins," I think I put the cart before the horse on that one! Anyway, I still love Harriet even with her many flaws.

So I heard from Sally Jean today. We're working on getting me into another class since I was sick during the last one. She does workshops on some weekends (different classes each day) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and she JUST added more! If you're interested you should hurry, her classes fill up almost as soon as she posts them. Fridays are usually the beginning class (Soldering for Virgins). So, she suggested the class "Here Birdie Birdie" for me. I'm in! It sounds like fun! I adore Sally! Love, love love her! She is the sweetest! I must tell you however that in said email, Sally said this: "You are certainly NO Virgin...might I suggest Here Birdie Birdie?" Well, I never! OH, DO YOU SUPPOSE SHE MEANT the class and not ME personally? Well of course I do have children, but it could be a sensitive area if I were a sensitive girl. Alas, she is right. (I do love to solder though)!

Merry Merry Christmas Everyone!


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  1. Sheila, you're so funny!! Your home looks beautiful... Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Hope to see you soon!


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