Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa Must've Been Mixed up!

Here it is, the very thing I've wanted since I was 3. Why didn't I get this cute little set??? I'll tell you why... Santa apparently got his wires crossed somehow back in Anaconda, Montana and must have thought that my cousin Kathy had asked for this nifty little kitchen! I wonder what Kathy (a/k/a Petunia) asked for! Maybe I got that! I doubt it. She had all the good stuff. Oops, I let the "Petunia name" slip! I am quite sure I didn't do that on purpose. Oops, what's that you say blogger? My back space and my delete buttons just stopped working and I can't erase?? Sorry, Kath. You've been outed. No offense intended. SHE also got the nickname! I love petunias, they are so pretty and smell so nice (of course they do)!

What's that, you ask? Did I have a nickname? Um, maybe I did and it slipped my mind. Hey Petunia, do you remember that same year I got the red plaid little girl's train case with a red handle and a zipper? It contained all different kinds of cologne strapped in with elastic (in 2 levels) and some bubble bath powers in vellum envelopes packaged in a pretty little oblong box. BUMMER. You got to play kitchen for years (those things were metal, remember)? And I got to take a couple of baths. But I betcha don't have a blog! (I bet if you DID have a blog, you wouldn't lose YOUR formatting)! LOVE YOU, Petunia!

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