Thursday, May 28, 2009

Now I Know why "She" Has been Showing Up!

Our 100 mph ride in the Ambulance... as some of you know when we built our home, we also included a beautiful apartment for my Mom, so she has been living with us for about five years. She had some BIG problems this week (what day is today, anyway)?... But know I know that the Blessed Mother has been making appearances to me to comfort me in advance and to let me know that She and her Son are always with me.

What happened is that my Mom had several blood clots in her left leg, and one traveled to her right lung (strange, huh)? Last night they told us that it was the biggest blood clot they had ever seen, as it took up her entire right lung. That's why an ordinary oxygen cannula didn't do the trick. She has been in a big bi-pap mask since she got to the ER. (That was one scary ambulance ride, thinking she had a heart attack). Additionally, her kidneys had shut down, and there was hardly any output even with the cathedar.

We were given the choice of using an IV medication to break up the blood clot. The Dr. said without it, she definitely would have a bad outcome, and even with it, there was a 53% chance that she would not make it, because in 53% of the cases it is dangerous, and made the patients bleed severely in other places, such as the brain, the heart, the stomach, (anywhere really), which could result in her not making it. My DH and I felt after talking with the Dr., the nurse, my brothers, and our sons that it was our only choice. It took 2 hours to give her the whole IV treatment, but immediately things started to look better!

She is still herself! Why? Well, here is an exchange we had 2 nights ago: Mom put her hand on top of mine and said "I'm so glad you are my daughter" and I said "Well thank you, I am so glad you are my Mom! But I thought I was just a big pain in your rear!" She said "yes you are." So, there you have it!

I really have faith that she is going to recover from this. (Why? I don't know, I just do... If you've read my posts in the past few weeks, you can tell that the Blessed Mother has been making "appearances" to me all month, I didn't know why, but now I do).

Thank you so much for your friendship, your love and prayers! You know who you are! Love you!

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  1. our thoughts and prayers are with you & your family!
    -the Staffords

  2. I wondered where you had been the last few days. Our prayers are with you and I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. Here's hoping that she will continue to make a recovery and be able to return home soon. We will be thinking about you and praying for her recovery.

  3. How scary, Sheila! I hope your mom will have a speedy recovery!!!


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