Monday, June 29, 2009

The Tarte Show! Where do I Begin?

Cindy's June show at her new Land of Tarte was gorgeous! You couldn't walk inside right away, because first you had to see the beautiful displays on your way in!
Cindy (Queen of Tarte) is a doll, isn't she? She doesn't really like her pic taken, but I have to show you how darling she is!

And here is Joy with Cindy's husband Barry (King of Tarte). He's cute too, as a matter of fact a group of women asked how much HE was!
Isn't it gorgeous and also huge? What a cool barn this is! Cindy has thought of everything, lighting, display room, space to sit, a little place for treats...
This is the front counter area. I love it. See the "Hold Area" to the left? By the time I saw it, I had already taken up the front counter with my treasures. Duh! Cindy was too nice to say anything!

Jewels, flowers, a place to recline or take a quick nap! :)

Look at the natural materials in the display up toward the ceiling. Gorgeous, I tell you!
Three heads are better than one!

Darling French inspired ruffled towels.

Beautiful display with flowers, a nest and a little chair.
Pretty frames and other architectural elements everywhere!
I wish you could have seen it all in person! I'll show you more tomorrow (and the next day)... and perhaps after that as well. I always go crazy taking pictures at Cindy's shows!

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  1. Hey Sheila! It was so great seeing's been waaaay too long. Are you coming to The Flea? We could use some judges for our bake off / cook off...bring that husband of ours too!

  2. What a great show! Take me with you next time! It is not that far from Texas, is it? :)


  3. Oh it all looks so great!!! We don't have these fun shows in our neck of the woods!!! I'm glad you had a great time! Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. Hi , Sheila , Look at all the pretties! We'll be at Barn House - hope to see you there! Sue

  5. Dear Sheila,
    What a nice comment, Thank You. I hope to meet you too. So glad you and Cindy loved the flowers. I have so many great pictures to post it is hard to decide what comes first. Love your blog. Many Blessings, Erin

  6. PS: That picture of Joy and Barry is awesome. She is such a kick and I loved talking with Barry about crazy croquet.

  7. Hey sweetie....thank you so much for coming to the Land of Tarte and for your fabulous post. Love the photos especially the one of Joy and the King! I am thrilled that mother Mary has a new home at Halo Hill. See you soon...xoxo Cindy

  8. Yes my friend, we did have a delightful day, glad you got such wonderful pictures!
    See ya soon!

  9. Hi cutie! so nice to see your pics and sorry we couldn't make it.
    Betty :)


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