Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Promise I'll Get on with the Art, but I have to Show You the House!

MOST of the rest of the house anyway! Terri's home is beautiful and warm, and I know you love to see real room decorating AND art, so I'll get it out of my system in this post!

This is the Master bedroom, isn't it gorgeous? Guess who got to stay in the master suite? I did! Can you believe how sweet Terri is? Oh my gosh, I was in awe the whole time I was there! You can't see real colors here very well, but the walls are a bright sage/khaki green by Martha Stewart, and those metal stars are NOT white! They are aqua! I would never thought of putting those colors together,but it is truly beautiful! The bed was way up in the air, so I had to use one of the step ladders she keeps by both sides of the bed. (Lower right corner). You know how short I am, right? When I was getting in bed (which you can't do with the light on), I kept thinking oh my gosh, she has a night vision camera and she's filming me getting in bed for a comedy spoof! (Nothing has surfaced yet)!

This is the view out the sliding glass window in the Master. Gorgeous, right??
And this is just a wee corner of the Master bathroom. Gorgeous cabinetry, black granite, vintage pieces everywhere.
This beautiful display of yellow ware bowls is above the huge black granite trimmed, jetted bathtub! Isn't that creative to do in a bathroom? Love it.
That vintage black chair on top of the tub trim is a full sized chair! That can give you an idea of how big this tub really is!
Imagine staying at a friend's for the first time, and someone asks you if you would like to have your hair washed in the salon instead of doing it yourself in the shower! Nope, not kidding! She also has a salon at home. Can you believe the talent this girl has? Isn't this a gorgeous salon??
The entrance to the Salon from the front Salon door. Notice the lovely topiaries and the cool columns! (Sorry the photo is a bit dark).
I had to show you one sort of duplicate pic (below) from another angle. That's the back room to the left... more storage, and also a freezer and refrigerator.
Terri's Salon station. Isn't it fab??

Terri made this piece below in Lisa Kaus' class. Don't you love it? Lisa is a wonderful artist.

Terri made these pieces herself also, after taking Lisa's class. We're both big fans of Lisa! (Seriously, who isn't)? Darling!
Look at the vessel sink, the beautiful cabinets and the chandelier above the sink!
You can't see the beautiful dark wood floors. I could move into this salon and live here!
Another angle of the front of salon.
One of the beautiful views outside...
Look at this darling potting shed out front! Could you die???????? (Me too)!

This serene scene leads you up the walk to the front door. A water feature (sounds beatuiful)... pretty flowers, lovely bird bath and cute little vintage houses.
Ok, tomorrow I will show you more about the classes. Wasn't that a nice little tour, though? Terri is very talented in so many ways! Lucky girl!

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  1. Wow! I feel like I need to get off the computer and get busy!
    I wish I didn't have to sleep at night and I could redo everything inside and out...
    How is your studio coming?
    Shall I stop by and help??
    Love you

  2. I love the pictures! This looks like sooo much fun, I cant wait to see what you made!

  3. Oh wow! It is so great!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. Hey, Miss Sheila!
    Just a note to see how you are doin' ....
    And guess what! I met the fab Natalie Saturday at Lisa's "let them eat cake" class.
    We spin in the same circles and are BOUND to bump into eat other pretty soon. (Let's not bump hard enough to leave bruises, however, just giggles!)
    Sending hugs your way and hope you are getting some rest.
    Betty :)


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