Saturday, July 11, 2009

Next Weekend! Where to begin? (Start Thursday)!

Oh my gosh, SHOW season is in full swing! I wish I could be several places at once. First of all The Barn House boys are having their annual Flea Market, and it is the most fancy flea you've ever seen, more friends and vendors than you can shake a stick at and SO much fun!! Nope... can't go. I am serious! Besides the Barn House Boys who you will adore if you haven't yet met them, my Joy will be there, Cindy Queen of Tarte will of course be there too, and so many others. It will also be the final week of the Summer sale at Vintage Roost. THIS time I'm so excited because they are doing THURSDAYS too! Hurray! So Thursday morning (or Friday or Saturday) would be a perfect day to sneak away to have some quiet, beautiful "me" time at the Roost. (YOU SHOULD SEE THE SALE ITEMS Debbie has there)! Also, beautiful rosemary topiaries, succulents galore, and baked treats too.

Ya know, I should really start a calendar synchronizing event long before the season starts so that we're all on the same page. Geez! (Well, I think everyone BUT me was already on the same page... you know how that goes... I can't even find my calendar right now). Hello, my name is Sheila and I have a problem...

WHY can't I go you might ask? All types of fun things! (How much fun can a girl squeeze in just 2 days while still grieving to be with all the rest of her friends)? Tune in tomorrow, I'll spill.

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  1. Oh wow!! You are just in a blurr of fun!
    Hugs, Lisa


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