Monday, August 10, 2009

More of Isabella's Garden!

I had several people ask me questions about Paula's pretty place (Isabella's Garden) that I thought I would do another quick post. While the pics in the previous post were all taken by me, the photos in this post are all from Paula's site. Check it out! She does weddings and other beautiful events!

Isn't this wedding cake gorgeous with her beautiful flowers?

Paula was so nice. I was surprised that she was stunned when I asked her permission to take photos for my blog. She didn't mind at all, she just appreciated the fact that I asked first. One time a lady just started snapping pictures, and a photo turned up on this lady's website showing a wedding bouquet by Paula and said it was her work and used it for advertising!
Can you believe that? Anyway, she does great work and is very gracious!
What a beautifully classic event this wedding must have been!
You must go see for yourself, but call first (address, driving instructions, phone number here) to double check on her hours. Also, she is always open during the Vintage Roost shows, and she is just over the hill from Deb of Vintage Roost (that's how I found Paula)!

See you again soon Paula and thank you!

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