Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Necklaces from the Awesome Classes with Terri and Natalie!

I've been promising pictures and more about the classes and my wonderful time in Chehalis. Here are some of the fun ladies from the class with Terri Brush of Terri Brush Studios and Natalie Hansen of Serendipity by Natalie at Terri's Home and Studio in Chehalis. Terri taught us how to make the links and necklace portions (Sterling Silver) of our pieces, and Natalie taught us how to make the free form and molded/stamped Silver pieces from the Precious Metal Clay. Can you tell how much fun we had AND how much we learned? A wonderful experience!



Mary's gorgeous necklace and a pretty focal piece for another is shown at the top.

Colleen's pretty French inspired piece

Donna's beautiful birdhouse piece! (Donna is my brand new teeny, tiny, skinny, tinney twin sister)! (Yes, there's a story)!

Stay tuned for more information about the class that Terri will be teaching here in my home on November 14th! Fun fun!

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  1. Yawn .... so tired must get to bed. BUT WAIT! FIRST need to mark November 14th on my calendar!! Can hardly wait to hear about the class -- AND make sure we are NOT travelling!
    Hugs and have a super week -
    Betty :)
    ps - garage sale went well - we sold about six - seven hundred dollars worth of stuff. I also listed additional furniture for my friend on craigslist and it ALL sold in ONE DAY!! WA HOO! She now thinks I am a marketing genius! Of course, I went on to spend some of my meager portion at Julie and Crista's show at Camas .... but not all, yet!
    B :)

  2. All soooo cute! I really really like the bird house piece!

  3. It seems that you had much fun and learned a lot. You all are looking pretty beautiful. I just love those necklaces.


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