Friday, September 25, 2009

You Could be Here Tomorrow! Vintage Roost

It was sooooooo beautiful at Vintage Roost today! The sale will also run tomorrow (Saturday, September 26th, and then again next Friday and Saturday) all days from 10-5. Debbie and De did such a beautiful job, I didn't know where to start looking! First I had to look, then take pictures, and look again! I'm sure I still missed a lot! AWESOME! I got there in the morning and it was soooo busy tables and shelves were emptying almost faster than Debbie could re-stock! Now that's when you know it is a fabulous sale!

Don't you love this trellis? And the corn stalks and leaves, and pumpkins?

What a serene Autumn scene this is!
Isn't the entrance set up beautifully? See the darling pumpkin head dolly?
Here is a close up of the same one (below). I love her. The seamstress who made these is extremely talented! She even used wood at the top of the heads that look just like the stems of pumpkins!
Oh goodness, what do we have here? They appear to be a few of my charms on display! Oh come on, just a little shameless self-promotion! Debbie displays my wares so beautifully! (She's gifted in so many ways)! (So many awesome artists are in Deb's shows).
All of the artists are juried, which means that Deb has the most awesome goods for miles around!

Hmmm... a few more charms... you know!
And a ton more of my initials (below). I think I still have a kink in my neck from sitting in the same position for days on end! Fun though!
I LOVE this sign below! I really want it. I got a different one (I'll show you tomorrow), but I am still tempted to drive back down there and get this one!
What a darling scene this is!
Another of Deb's darling dollies!
Look at these cute pumkins below! There were more, but some ladies grabbed them up while I was getting my camera out. There should be a "king's X" or something on things that ladies buy while another innocent customer is merely being nice and taking pictures but wants the items being purchased!! Most of them had vintage rhinestones on them!

I'd show you more, but... well, you get the picture! (Ha, picture! Get it?) Ok, please give me a break, I have had a busy week and have been gone all day looking at pretty things and doing errands (and getting my hair colored)!
I'm sure Debbie has these lovelies restocked by now! She is so clever that way!
Cute little birdies above, and more pictures of the Roost tomorrow! If you don't beat me out there and buy my silver candlesticks! Just kidding, Jan! You got them fair and square! After all, you can't read my mind. (Or can you)? Because if you can, you would know how badly I wanted them for my very own! I know, you're so sweet! You said I could borrow them from you and that was most gracious! (Do you know where I live if I borrow them and "forget" to return them)? Kidding!

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  1. Hi Sheila~

    I just wanted to stop by and say "Hi". Hope everything is going well with you. Looks like a fun sale. Enjoy your weekend.


  2. Sheila! Cannot believe I have NEVER been to Roost. The timing is always so tough for me .... Helping at Cindy's today and not sure can get there. Next week is our quiltopia event and Art and Soul .... boo hoo! Oh, well - sounds like everyone who DID get to go had a good time. I can't hog ALL the fun!! Thanks for the beautiful pics and so glad i FINALLY got to meet you last week.
    Hugs for a super weekend (and I wanna see the hair color ... a new shade??)
    Betty :)


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