Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Very Cool Tutorial- Ink Jet Transfer to Wood!

You know I L-O-V-E to be an "arter" as my Grandson used to say (before he turned into a big boy who is now 6)!

I do believe this is the first tutorial I've ever posted or linked as it is here (or as we in the art world say... a "tute")... I'm just having fun saying that...  I'm being silly, not stuck up). :)

Anywho, it is just the coolest tutorial and I had to share it with you!  It is from Lisa of Matsutake blog.  I believe she is quite amazing!  Let me know what you think!  (And of course Matsutake too)!

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  1. Thanks, Sheila! I'm on my way to check it out ... or maybe tomorrow, as eyes are slowly drooping shut .... must find the pillow ... zzzzzz
    Hugs and thanks for the heads up on this tutorial!
    Betty :)


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