Friday, December 18, 2009

And of Course the Biggest Christmas Show Around!

So many talented friends all in the same show at Monticello in Portland.  I'm thinking you may have been hearing a lot about this yearly show, but just in case... you must stop by before the 27th! 

This is a very special show because in addition to their "regular" (and fantastic) vendors, they have guest vendors/artists at this show who normally have their own separate shows.  Talk about one stop shopping!  The ultimate.  I'm hoping to go soon! 

And who might they possibly be?  Well, for starters there is Joy of Aunties, Diane of Molly Mo's, Cindy of Tarte, Jermonne and Joe of Barn House, Isabel of Maison Douce, Lisa of a Thing for Roses, Martha of Vintage Trifles,
Sue of Bella Shabby...  well I could go on, but you get the idea!  Over 100 vendors at this Holiday Show, and of course many of them are my favorites and very talented and very friendly well... friends!!  I hope you don't miss! 

Happy Holidays!
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  1. I finally made it up there a couple days ago and it was amazing. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


  2. merci de ta visite.
    Tu me fais rêver avec ce Christmas show!!!

    joyeux Noël


  3. Sheila,
    I would love to go to that Christmas open house, that store looks amazing. I love those stockings hanging on the edge of the open cabinet in the bottom pic. The color is wonderful. I enjoyed your post on the stool lady too. Her site is great, love the granny square garland. Lisa

  4. Hi Sheila, Oh these are great photos I had to enlarge them, I especially love that "arbor" with the branches around it!
    Have a wonderful Christmas!


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