Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More Magical Christmas from Vintage Roost!

The sun has been shining here a lot lately (no complaints), so it doesn't exactly look like Christmas -but- once you step inside the Roost, it's Christmas all the way!

See what I mean?  So pretty!

Debbie makes these "garden jackets"! (Below).  They are gorgeous, and I wear mine especially in the Fall, Winter and Spring.  She has them in all colors and sizes!

Pretty Nativity set and hand poured soy candles...

What a cheerful little snow person!  I wish I'd have gotten closer with the camera!  So cute!

Same problem.  Not close enough.  Drat.  Take it from me though, they are very cute!

More snow people of a different sort, and some of the home baked goodies!

Isn't this a delightful vignette?  I love the white brush trees and the lamp too.

I took the photo of the scales for my friend Beth.  I better tell her!

Closer view of the countertop vintage scale, huh?

These signs are cute as...  well cute as cherry pie!

Cute little houses everywhere.

Beautiful cones/tussies everywhere.

This darling wool heart can be used like a stocking or a little posie pocket or place to display cute cards or vintage photos.  Aren't the buttons sweet?

The birds and birdhouses were so cute.  She even has birdhouses mounted on cute standing pillars.

I love these vintage shadow boxes.  I like this one better though, because it has little shelves inside. 

Look at these darling green striped stockings!  I  L-O-V-E-D them!

The two soldered bottles below were made by me (at the awesome retreat where I tore my shoulder)... ouch!  I was too stubborn not to do anything though.  (Yes, I paid for it later).  One of the bottles has a vintage chandelier crystal soldered on the top (in a spire shape).  There is glitter and mica inside, together with a small piece of text cut from a vintage book.  (It says "she always had a kind smile for them").  The other one has a celtic shaped cross on it with fancy soldered pieces (in the shape of a cross as well), spanning the bottle front to back and side to side.  It has pretty mica and glitter inside.  (Shameless self-promoting plug is now over).  :)

See these wee ones on the sleigh?  They are dressed in handmade clothing of course and were handmade by Deb together with the other snow people (whom I also adore).

These cute felt trees are so festive.  I fell in love with these mason jar candle holders circled in vintage lace and trims!  So pretty!

There are pretty ornaments of all sorts, all handmade or vintage!

This glittery garland is both shabby and chic.  Loving it!  (There was only one left, so you must hurry if you want it).

The beautiful holly was strung into a bundle for $7 each.  There are gorgeous wreaths, and about everything else you can imagine too!  If you go, you'll have fun!  Be sure to let me know!

I met the lady that made these cookies (Lori), she is so sweet!  She was there helping Deb at the shop.  She made the specially baked crown cookies (below, and on the trees as well).  They are all in the shape of crowns.  I met the lady that makes them (of course bought one for our little guy).  His has blue icing and says "Prince of Very Little", she also made ones that say "Queen of Everything,"  "Princess of Quite a Lot" and "King of Whatever is Left Over."  They look yummy and are decorated with more white icing trim and silver dragees (candies) on top.

She also made the cutest little glittered ornaments/package tie-ons that are glittered initials with white silk ribbons and a dangly jingle bell at the bottom.  ($2.50... I'm not kidding)!  She even had ones that were "school photo size."

Merry Merry!

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  1. Lovely! The snowmen are amazing! I love them!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. There is so much fun to have during the holidays..., pretty creations everywhere!! And thanks so much for your visit!


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