Thursday, April 1, 2010

"THE" Surgery

Here I am, writing a post at home before going in for my surgery.  Why am I still home?  Well, because they are torturing me by giving me a -Noon- surgery time.  My shoulder has been feeling much better, so of course I've been talking myself out of doing this.  2 of the muscles in my rotator cuff are torn, so they're not going to get better on their own.  I hope they do a little more prep than what they are doing for the poor guy below.  (If some nurse shows up in a hat like this, I'm running out of there)!
And of course, I am hungry!  Just another "gotcha" in the story of my day...  Even a menu like this looks pretty good right now.  And no water??  Seriously, I am going to be conservative, but I -AM- drinking water.  And frankly, I see no reason not to have my husband make me a "breakfast margarita" right now.
A word to the wise...  don't ever say something like "oh I'd give my right arm" to... (fill in the blank).  It could turn out to be a jinx or something!  It will be fine, although reading about Timi's rotator cuff from the same time last year has given me pause.  We've been exchanging emails, so that I can get the real story about how this is going to go.  Timi is a doll with a great sense of humor.  Thank you Timi for your story and your advice! While Timi's story is cute and entertaining (thank Heavens), most of the stories I've heard are not so mild, so here's hoping for the best!

My dear friend Betty is "on call" from Denver should I get real needy.  She said to remember that she is only "one plane away" from me.  My darling friend Debbie is my "telephone support" person (from Denver also, but really just a phone call away).  My DH has taken time off work to take care of me for awhile, he is the best husband ever (seriously).  I'm hoping that I don't try his patience (too much).

I will be in touch when I can, and as a parting thought I just want you to know that if anyone tries to do something like this to me while I am awake...

I'm not going to have a sweet and pleasant reaction!


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  1. Oh dear....I do hope all goes well my dear!

    Will be checking back to see how you are doing!


  2. I hope your surgery goes well and you heal up soon!

  3. Oh gosh Surgury DAY! I thought of you this morning when I woke, .PLEASE let us know how you are doing.. Big Hugs

    See you NExt at ART CAMP!

  4. I wish you a speedy recovery. Florence

  5. I hope you are already feeling better...and I am so excited that I will be seeing you very soon!! xoxo Natalie

  6. Sending you lots of prayers for a speedy and pain-free recovery!

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  7. I hope your recovering well my friend! I'm so happy you love the top, let me know when you want to work on the dress:) hugs, kim xoxo

  8. How did It go??? I love your sense of humor with the photos. As soon as you can post let us know how you are hug Julie.

  9. I still don't have the hang of this posting a comment. We creators don't have time for unfun things like surgery. I hope you are well enough so that I get lucky enough to see you at Vintage Roost this month.
    I pray you are recovering quickly and are back to "almost" normal. love ya, Kay

  10. I hope you are on the mend soon..My neck gives me problems and takes out my right arm...really puts a cramp in my crafting time for sure...

    I am like you and have my friends in Denver..I so wish I could liver either where you do or where they do...both are great places to be from..

    Good luck and get well soon...


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