Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Few Small Summer Adventures

See, there has been some fun this summer!

A little silliness here and there is always called for, don't you think?  He was unsure and a little nervous on his first ferry ride, but by the next one he was confident and pretending he was hanging off the doorway.

And even a little boldness from me for finally showing you a photo of myself after all of this time.  I guess like Popeye, I must admit that "I yam what I yam."  (Subject to change to better, of course)!

 There have been some "historical" moments...


 Even moments of extreme bravery from our favorite 7 year old...
Lots of happiness and pride  in his bravery...

 Even Papa did some fun things!  2 stories up is no small task! (He was the only one brave enough to do this)...

Now for the "etcetera..."  What's this?  My Mom's livingroom (downstairs in her apartment at our house) with furniture all stuffed into her living room??

Why?  And what in the world is this thing below in her kitchen??
If you know what this machine is, notice the drywall and cabinets all pulled out and the floor partially removed, then you know what else has been going on for us.  Which by the way, is not covered by insurance (a little fact that I hope you never have to experience for yourself)... If you don't know what it is, good!  May you never see such a thing again!  :)

Let's return to a little fun, shall we?

Goooooooooooo, Volcanoes!

I hope you are having fun this summer and that it is filled with all good things!

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  1. That grandson gets cuter every time I see his pic.! I am so happy to know that you have had some fun this summer. A great stress reliever. And I know what you mean about the pic. When I posted the one of me and my brother, it took everything I had to hit that post button!:) I look sooo OLD! AND FAT! Oh wait....I AM 55!! And oh okay.....we'll say over weight! :) So what's going on with the home repairs?

  2. Good thing we have sweet little guys to help get us through all the "regular" life challenges! Looking forward to fun in Colorado!


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