Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some People are SOOO Creative!!

Can you even believe it?  How ultra-cool is this?  Mason jar chandelier!  Right up my alley, I tell ya!
I got this image from Kara Parslay designs blog, via Heather's cute blog: Lucky Star Lane.  You girls ROCK!  Now there are two more blogs to add to my several miles long blog "favorites" list.

What about this one?  I know we've all seen the wine bottle chandeliers, but I think this one is cool, and apparently a knock off of PB, and was featured in the Oregonian.  I got the pic from Recycled Lovlies blog.
I consider myself creative, but I think I may have been in a bit of a slump lately!  Know what I mean?  I look through magazines and stores and art projects and get SOOO excited I work myself up into an absolute lather!  Then what?  Um, I don't know.  Sometimes I follow through, sometimes I can't, and sometimes I make excuses just don't do it.  I can no longer use time as an excuse.  I think also I truly have ADD!  I flit from one idea to another at the speed of light, get really excited, don't write the ideas down when I think of them (or see them), and then it's all kind of a tangled mess in my mind!  :)  I have Fibromyalgia, and they refer to it as "fibro fog."  Whatever.  I'll take clarity any day!

This one really isn't my style, but it sure is darling and creative!  I have an idea for one (of course I do!), but using vintage bits.
How many chandeliers do I have, you ask?  Well um, that depends... installed and in use?  In studio/storage room/ on display but not hooked up/ on display and wired for lamps?  Let's just say a small (small, I tell you!) "collection" and I better leave it at that!

You know, I just thought of something!  My cousin Kathy in Montana (I've left out the town so she has some anonymity) has a similar "affinity" for lamps...  Hmmm, I'm thinking it's just an incurable genetic issue, don't you?  (Sorry I 'outed' ya, Kath)!

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  1. Oh, I love lamps and chandeliers. I have quite a collection myself. And then, every time I see a new idea similar to the pics. you posted, I want to have those somewhere, but I've run out of "somewhere's" Oh well.....

  2. Beautiful chandeliers!!! Thanks for turning off your word verification. You just made the blog world a better place!


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