Thursday, October 7, 2010

Whew, I'm Finally Back!

Hi, did you think I was lost forever?  It felt like it. Yes, the most dreaded event occurred... my computer broke!  I've been "out of commission" for a few weeks.  Did you ever stop to think how much we depend on these things?  (Well, if you've ever had yours broken, I guess you have)...  I look up so many things on my computer... phone numbers, answers to questions, trivial unknown facts, you know.  And of course keeping in touch by email and blog!

It wasn't quite this bad, but tragic enough!  My computer genius friend (and former co-worker) had several computers in line ahead of mine, so I patiently waited my turn.  (You know patient = me)! 

It was a virus!  I got an email from a blog friend with a title that didn't seem like her (it wasn't), so why I opened it, I'm still not sure.  When I read it, I knew it was bad because the syntax of the sentences was not at all from someone familiar with the English language.  Why didn't I put it in my junk/spam folder before I opened it?  Well, that's the question of the year!  I shut down the computer, and when I turned it on again, I got the "blue screen of death."  Tragic.  So a few weeks and over $100 later, I'm back in "business."  What was I doing in the meantime?  Well you know me...

Ok, maybe not really but I can dream!  So glad to be back!

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  1. Welcome back! I've missed you, my friend. I'm going through computer problems right now. Need to take it to the hospital. Fortunately, I have a laptop and the special man in my daughter's life set us up with wireless access. You're right - we're addicted, oops, I mean dependent on computers.


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