Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Just waiting for the carpet guy, thought I would share my lady and some of my favorite lyrics from Jewel. It's a 2 page spread inside my journal, so I had to kind of mash it to scan the whole thing. Hope you're having a great day!

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  1. You are such a talented lady! I love your journaling, you have a great eye for design.

  2. Very pretty! I'm particularly fond of her heart brooch ;)!

  3. Beautiful journal spread ! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  4. Kay, I don't have your email address! I hope you see this, and please send me your email.

    Hi Kay!! You are the sweetest EVER. :) It makes me smile that you knew where it came from the minute you saw it! Well, from my green sofa to yours! Hurray! :) I'm tickled to know you have it. :) Isn't it unusual and cute? You probably figured out that the center is wood, and the frame is iron. When I got it, the wood was coral and the outside was turquoise! Ugh, can you imagine? I used just regular pink spray paint. I'm going to go look in my workshop to see if I have some left so I can tell you what it is. It took not quite 2 cans. I did several light layers. Wish I could've seen ya!

    Thank you for the thoughts about my Dad. And thanks ESPECIALLY for your prayers. That's the nicest thing we can do for each other, don't you think? Yes, Heavens, it has been a very hard year (and I haven't even posted the half of it). That's kinda why I haven't been blogging much. I've had nothing nice or happy to say. :) I need to do it anyway, I know. It's a record of my life, after all.

    Warm hugs and I'll be in touch re: the paint.

  5. Hi Sheila, How are you?? I love your journal pages. Keeping busy crafting?? I would love to hear from you. Hope you are doing well.
    Laurie May

  6. Sheila, thanks so much! It's good to be back in the game (so to speak). I haven't seen in so long! Will you be participating in the 3 friends sale?

  7. One of my very FAVORITE songs ever and I adore your art- she is lovely!


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