Monday, February 23, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

We're back from Spokane. It did my heart a lot of good to see my Dad and spend time with him since the loss of his wife. We went to Spokane on the train, and returned on the airline. (Whew, long train ride)!

My Dad is diabetic, and you can't tell from the photos, but he was swiping huge bites of the "Birthday Boy's" special dessert. I think he used a big serving spoon! I guess I could have panicked, but I just laughed. I'm sure his meds will take care of it, he never gets sweets. It was cute (well, not to our Grandson)!

My Dad wanted to take us (wanted us to take him) to a zoo type place named "Cat Tales" it was very interesting, and I don't know who enjoyed it more... Brock or Great-Grandpa.
Showing Pop that he can write now! (Kindergarten is a lot different than when I was little, they actually do work the whole time)!

Yikes, look at the way this lion is looking at Brock! There were signs there that said "Don't run, you will look like a snack!" Good Grief!

It was heartening to see how much closer they got now that Brock is older and more understands what is going on. I'm very thankful for so much!

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  1. So glad you are back my friend! I am happy to see that you got your computer and miracle of miracles I got mine!!! Yipee
    See you sooooon!

  2. What lovely family photographs, and beautiful crafts on your previous post. THankyou so much for your lovely comment, so kind of you and yes!! you are correct we do live in Lancashire but more north and west Lancashire Preston!
    Have a lovley week xx

  3. What a sweet family post. I really enjoyed reading it. It made me think of when I took my son...then 3, now he's 25 ... to a little zoo in Cape May, NJ. That had lions there and one came right up to the fence and proceeded to pee right on us! HA! Were we ever shocked! LOL


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