Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Exciting news! My art is now published! I designed the front and back covers of the 2008 Conscious Planner authored by my friend, former job share partner, and writer extrodinare Nina Durfee! Did I mention that she is an AMAZING life coach? If you're thinking about talking to one, she is the one! The picture here just shows the art on the front cover of one of them. I'll post the back as soon as I get a photo. I'll also post photos of covers of the planner that wasn't published (which I adore). Nina printed a couple of those, so I did get a few, but they are gone now! ANYWAY... the printer was trying to "help" at the last minute and spelled "conscious" wrong! You'll notice on the front cover. BUT, leave it to Nina to make lemons into lemonade! When she discovered the printer's error (too late for this print run) here is what she has inscribed into the book regarding the error:

"Thank you for enjoying this Special Limited Edition, like a rare stamp, more precious for its misprinted title! One of my own Guiding Principles is "Don't take yourself too seriously." Don't ya love the cosmic irony!"

Isn't she amazing? I ordered several of these for Christmas gifts and birthday gifts, and everyone has loved it. It is very inspiring inside! If you buy one, please see back page for the nice things she said about me. What a doll. If you're interested in purchasing one, you can get them at the special price of $12.95, the price will go up when the first print "limited edition" is gone. Here is Nina's website: http://www.lifesculpt.net/ Just scroll down to "New this Month."

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  1. Very nice, I imagine how you will fell seeing your work there, wow


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