Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Decorating (again)

If I don't post the rest of these photos, Christmas will be over. I went to a Christmas party at my friend Diane Kaser's home last night. She lives in a GORGEOUS re-done farm house. Her decor is to die for. Did I bring my camera? Nope. What was I thinking? If you want to see though, (and you shouldn't miss it) you can see it at my friend Joy's blog the 2 most recent photos:

Speaking of my friend Joy... she is amazing! She is featured in the Winter 2007 issue of Romantic Country. Her house is gorgeous! She has some photos of her home on her blog as well. She is a wonderful friend, the most energetic person I know, and the most talented. I'm so lucky. We can talk about anything together. She is amazingly "there" for all of her friends. If you're ever at a large gathering or event, and can't find her, you only have to wait until you hear her laugh (often)! Joy is a very fitting name for her.

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  1. Dear Sheila,
    Goodness sakes you are so sweet, thank you for saying such wonderful things about me!! I love and appreciate you so much! You have been one of the bestest friends since we met, one that no matter how long between times when we are together it is as if we resume the same conversation and go on from there!! No lenghthy pauses for us!!
    I love you! JOY


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