Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Merry!

We had a wonderful Christmas yesterday! Our son Adam was here from Denver, our son Bill and Grandson Brock were here from Seaside, my brother Kevin from Portland and of course my Mom. It was so great to have some time alone with Adam. I so seldom see him, and miss him so much. Brock was precious and still believes in Santa, so it was perfect! He left with his Daddy (our son Bill) yesterday along with Adam and headed to Vancouver to spend some time with their Dad and his family. It was nice to see Bill too, he is so busy with the restaurant that he rarely gets a day off. It is always fun to see my cute brother Kevin too. He is so thoughtful, and funny.

My brother Shaun did the sweetest thing for me!!!! I had put on my Kaboodle wish list (kaboodle.com) things that I love in hopes of trying to get my family to participate so that I could see what to buy them. (Ok, I'm not going to fib, if there is some rich person out there wanting to shower me with gifts, party on)! My little niece Cassidy and I were the only ones that did it,(I thought) EXCEPT Shaun, (my brother in Denver) looked, saw this and bought it for me! I fell in love with this because my family calls me "She," I named my business "She She". (He gets me, he really gets me)! Wasn't this a sweet Christmas surprise?


  1. I love love love the charm!!! How cool, I actually like Dr. Seuess or however you spell his name... Good thing since I have been a constant reader for 25 years!!!Most of his books I can recite by heart!
    Have a great day

  2. The charm is amazing and I'm sure receiving it from your thoughtful brother makes it even more special!


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