Saturday, December 29, 2007

Shopping Craziness and a calmer/gentler 2008!

I know, I can be considered a bit looney for doing this, AND I keep doing it every year. I get up at 4:30 so I can be to the first sale by 6 a.m. My husband always wants to know what I am going to buy. What a silly question, how would I know?? I don't know until I've arrived! The one thing I always get are Christmas cards for the following year, and usually a few ornaments. I got those things and a few books I've been wanting to read one is "Living the Creative Life" and the other is "Eat Pray Love". I am anxious to dig into both of them. I had fun on my day shopping, but was I ever exhausted! I am definitely not a morning person, and don't like to shop (ok, besides junking and estate sales), but it is my one day! I even take a vacation day from work to do it.

Ok, enough hustle-bustle for one year... bring on 2008! It has been crazy getting ready for the Holidays (and a little too much this year in general). I want to be calmer in 2008. Whew, can you hear me breathing deeply and slowly? We'll see if my new plan works. You might be able to tell if I start using fewer exclamation points! (Can you picture me with less "exclamation" in my life)?

Anyway, in the spirit of creating calmness... the next morning at work was very slow and quiet, and at lunch I did something I never do. I took a new magazine and walked across the street to a little place called "Grand Vines" (which I love but don't visit often). They have a guitarist sometimes at lunch, and they did this day too! I sat at a chair by the window, ate my salad, read my "Romantic Homes" (Great job this month, Fifi!) and enjoyed the music just like a real sophisticated person. It was so peaceful, and I reveled in my newly minted state of calm. I could really live like this!

Then, my lunch hour was over, I went back to work at and it turned out to be one of the most chaotic afternoons we've had in a long time! Ugh. I will not be shaken, I will still pursue the elusive calm!


  1. Shelia...
    Thanks for stopping by the dreaming in color blog...How did you find it? Always curious...LOL
    I see you are a "Mimi" I myself, am a "Moma" a grandson, Collin who is 3 years old...Yes, the second loves of our lives coming from the first loves!! the pendent your brother bought you...who is the artist????
    I will visit again and hope you will also...right now I am finishing up a step stool for Collin...titled: STEP IN TO THE JUNGLE... I will be posting pictures in the next few days...It will be for his birthday in Feb. if I can hold off giving it to him...(which is probably not possible as I watch him 2 days a week when Mom (my daughter) is at work....
    Blessings to you for a delightful New Year filled with dreams that come true...
    Artfully Yours,
    ps.... love the name she she!

  2. Thanks for coming over and leaving a comment on my blog! I will visit you again. Your grandson is a cute and all boy like my two kiddos I can tell....

    Thanks for passing by and I will keep you posted if you won a tag or valentine heart!

    Angelica be true be u

  3. Nope can't believe, no exclamation points!!! Are you serious??!!! Does that mean you will talk soft and slow?? That would be fine, it will be easier for me to interject as opposed to interrupt, when I have something so EXCITING!! to tell you! I was thinking a little less caffeine might help me?? If you do find calm and serene will you show me??
    xoxo JOY!
    p.s. I like you how you are!!!

  4. Your lunch sounds so fabulous!!! Hope you get to do that more often in 2008. I read Eat Pray Love and absolutely LOVED it! Especially the "pray" section. Enjoy it and happy new year!!!


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