Wednesday, December 5, 2007

They're hanging in

The winds and rain have been really bad on the coast in Oregon, and really bad in Seaside(where my oldest son and grandson live) and they have been without power for over 72 hours. I am thankful that once in awhile my son Bill can go to a certain spot on the beach to get cell service and call me to let me know they're okay. Whew, what a long haul they've had. We still don't know when power will be restored. When I asked my grandson Brock how long the lights would be out, he replied "25 days." I hope he's wrong. They have a fireplace, plenty of company (roommates Darin and Cynthia and their children).

The restaurant he manages has some generator power, of course isn't open, so they've been able to go there in the mornings to make meals to bring home. Of course the restaurant is closed, but the owner has several other businesses in town so Bill is helping out with those, including a Chevron station. NO, not the one in town on the news last night that it price gouging to the tune of $5.00 a gallon. Brock is beginning to miss his movies and lights "totally". Pray for power.
Love you all.

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