Sunday, December 2, 2007


This is a photo of my guest bathroom. I realize that a bathroom may be an odd place for a "welcome" sign, but I just LOVE it! There are other things in there that don't "belong" either. Those lights over the vanity are outdoor porch lights. The builder's electrician didn't get it. He tried to reason with my husband, and knowing me as he does, he said "buddy if my wife says she wants these porch lights in the bathroom, she means it." So, in they went. I also wanted a chandelier in every room, which didn't quite come true (yet). Oh yes, I've had them in boxes in the basement for two years there is a plan. I broke my last my small one out today, and hung it on a bird cage hanger behind my reading chair in the living room. I'll take a photo to show you tomorrow.

Meanwhile, back to the guest bathroom... I also have a martini shaker on the vanity, some vintage baby shoes, and other "un-bathroomy" things in there too. When you have a vision, you just want it done as you see it right? The "queen" of using things in ways for other than their intended function, is my friend Joy. OH MY GOSH! That girl makes my head spin, she is AMAZING. You'll see what I mean, here is her blog:

p.s. My friends, you are welcome, you know and not just to my bathroom!



  1. I think your bathroom is sooooo cute!!! Good job!

  2. Hi Sheila,
    I've never seen anything in a place it might not "belong" in your house. Thanks for the sweet compliment about me. I sent in my application for Farm Chicks so you should check out their website look under vendors and you will see other people you know. Say you will come!!

  3. Hi Sheila,
    My name is Chris Rokicsak, I am a cousin of Bob & Gail Frassenei's from PA. I happened on your blog when I googled info on Alex recently.
    Since Bob and Gail moved to Oregon we've lost out a little on getting to know their kids. Myself and the rest of the family here are heartbroken for them. It was such a shock to get the news. It's so nice to see that they have such a strong support group of friends around them to be with them at such a difficult time.
    I hope you don't mind that I wrote to you, it was nice seeing something said about Alex that wasn't in a newspaper. Thanks!


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