Thursday, January 24, 2008

Art from my play date on Monday

On Monday I went to Joy's and we had a long awaited "play" date to work on some collaging. It was so much fun! Joy is a dear friend and always lots of fun! Here is what I made (click photo to enlarge). Joy gave me the suitcase, wasn't that sweet? I picked that one because it matched a set my parents had when I was little. Lest you are sad about the sun having set on our day,you must know that we are getting together again next Monday for a play date at Joy's with the sweet Miss Lisa! I was going to tell you what we're going to make, but you would probably react as I did and hyperventilate with excitement! I will give you a small clue though... it will be royally fun!


  1. Your going to be even more excited when you see the studio/shop/store/storage unit... We can actually move to follow

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  3. Where are you girls?? Can I come play? I love the suitcase!
    Bliss Happens!
    brenda bliss

  4. This is to much fun!!!!!!!!! And if you are making a CROWN...I want in!!
    Miss Brenda Bliss is a friend of mine from Tennessee!! A JOY TO BEHOLD! Let her play too!!


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