Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dontcha Love My New Banner?

Don't you love my new banner? It was made by my friend Hope Wallace of Paper Relics. She is an amazing artist. Please have a look around her site, she makes and designs some beautiful things. I bet you can't look at her collage sheets without buying one! They are awesome! Her vintage ephemera packs are to DIE for! She has only very cool original vintage pictures, and other bits. Even though I collect my own ephemera (don't we all?), I can't resist one of Hope's special packs every once in awhile. Top Notch.

Another thing, and I bet Hope doesn't even realize this... she is the first person to get me to call myself an artist. We had just met in a class together last year at Art Fest, and I was working on a piece (yes, said piece is pictured above) that just needed one more thing. My theme was "My Wild Irish Rose" and I didn't have a rose element. I said it out loud, and the next thing I knew Hope was giving me a tiny vintage rose piece to finish it off. Perfect!

We had another class together at Art Fest, it was Pam Garrison's journal class (a blast by the way). Anyway, you will see photos of Hope at every occasion all over blogland. That girl gets around! I told her that she has such a GLAMOROUS life! Wow, I think I'd love it Hope, really! Isn't it funny how someone else's life always looks more exciting, more glamorous, more "something" than our own? Then when we are away for awhile we miss our own cozy life and can't wait to get home and back to it. But Hope, I'll fill in for you on any trip you want me to take for you! Hugs to you not just for my banner but for the special gifts you gave me that day.


  1. aren't you sweet - as soon as I saw the photo I remembered it from that class!

    You are also so funny - I do not FEEL glamorous one bit - sitting here in sweatpants and a t-shirt on the couch as I type this :)

    so glad you like your banner!

  2. Love your your connection...Stories make us who we are and how we have come to be! This is a great story!


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