Sunday, January 20, 2008

There's a reason I call it Halo Hill

Most of you have figured out that "Halo Hill" is a play on words for Mt. Angel, the town we live in! There is a lot of "holy stuff" going on around here! We have the Benedictine Abbey on the hill(Seminary/Monks/Church), the Benedictine Monastery on Main street with the wonderful Sisters there and a chapel. We have St. Mary's Church in between. The Monastery is named "The Queen of Angels." Have you ever heard such a beautiful name? Can you imagine how many wonderful people are praying in this town on a given day? AMAZING! The story of how we ended up here is pretty amazing too (another day).

The reason I bring this up is that there needs to be some serious praying going on, and I wanted to see if you'd join me! My dear friend Deb (since 6th grade... a long time) is going through an awfully hard time. They still live in our home town of Northglenn, Colorado (suburb of Denver). Her son Jason has been fighting Leukemia for about 2 years now, and last year his sister Shelby was the donor for a bone marrow transplant for him. It seemed to work for awhile, and then it failed. Jason is back in the hospital (for the umteenth time) started another round of chemo, and is preparing for another bone marrow transplant.

Meanwhile, across town at another hospital, Deb's husband Brad had galbladder surgery and later they found he was bleeding internally, and took him back to surgery for over 3 hours. They almost lost him. Meanwhile, Deb's daughter Shelby is near to having her 2nd baby soon.

Thanks for your prayers, I know they are appreciated.


  1. So sorry about Jason.and the whole family, what people have to endure... I actually have JOY go figure and I would be happy to send it to them. We should as Diane at Molly Mo's she had some cool ones before..

  2. Sorry to hear this ... I will look for letters...So Peace...Hope...Can they be silver????

  3. Well, I am caught up on your blog...will think good thoughts for your friends...and for you...


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