Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where's the royalty?

Ok, last week I promised that I would show you something from my "royally" fun day with Joy and Lisa yesterday. Some of you figured out that we were probably making CROWNS! Well, you were partially right. Crowns were made, but not by me. I didn't get to go, I was home sick! (Please send cranberry juice). So instead I will show you photos of the soldered piece I made in Sally Jean's "la Divine Shrine" class in October. Don't look too closely at the "solder job." Oh, this just in... Lisa has the crowns she and Joy made over at her blog, so just click on the link, and you can see what those artistic girls came up with. Absolutely gorgeous, you two! Miss you!


  1. These are really cool...How big are they??? I just might have to go and get some chicken wire to make me a crown too!! I will send you a royal wave!

  2. I love the picture of your grandpa, (mom's side or dad?) Wish you knew who the little guy in the front was with the great hair...How cute! I have a chicken wire crown frame waiting for you!!!!
    Hope your feeling better!

  3. Stunning! I just checked my comcast email and the catalog you requested bounced back..I will try this email!
    I love Benedictine monks ..I use to live across from monestary and loved their mass although I am not Catholic! Monks are my friends!

  4. I love the layered art on metal like that!! Really beautiful! Yah, I'm interested in knowing how big they are, too??

    Thanks for you kind words over at justBeConnected :) It's been fun hostessing there this week -- and I'm honored to know folks like you are digging the art I've been showing. I left you a note there in reply, but thought to hop over here and respond, too.

    I loooove the PITT pens and don't see much misty bleed with them. But it's not 100% solid all the time either. You might check out SamanthaKira's Art Journal Supply list video over at YouTube though. She mentions pens -- and shows them clearly -- that she swears are 100% solid even when washed over. That video is at:

    Hope that's helpful!!

  5. Sheila, thank you so much for your nice comment. I take it as a very special comment when you said you used to own a store. Somehow that makes you qualified to know. I was in a hurry, but wanted to check out your blog. I only had time to see pictures....and you have VERY beautiful photos! I, for whatever strange reason, did read one post. The one about the loss of your friend's son...tragic. I'm not sure why it caught my attention and pulled me in, but it made me sad to think that that you would never avoid anything because of weight. Do you judge people by their looks? I can honestly say that I truly don't and if someone does, they are not worth your time! You are an amazingly, artistic woman. I also managed to jet on over to the "Joy" & "Lisa" blogs that you highlighted. They look gorgeous too. I will investigate more later this weekend. Have a "Bella" weekend! Anita

  6. oops....usually I let mistakes go, but this one said the opposite of what I meant! Duh,*ever avoid...not never avoid! I would have e-mailed, but can't seem to find an address. Anita


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