Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I believe (continued)

One of my new blog friends (who was already a Charmsters friend, but we didn't realize it)... asked me to post the photo of my Grandfather and his siblings after reading yesterday's post. Wasn't that sweet of her? Thanks for thinking of that Brenda. So without further adieu as they say (who are "they" anyway)? Here is the photo. My Grandpa is in the top (back) on the left and his twin brother is on the top on the right.

Here is what the poem on the black board says:
Be good sweet child,
and let who will be clever,
Do noble things not dream
them all day long;
And so make life, death
and the vast Forever
One grand sweet song.

28th March, 1911 Cross Schools

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  1. I LOVE IT1!!!! Thank you so much for posting Grandpa!!! What an awesome bit of history...I have a few old pictures of my grandparents--I have used a few-but I must get busy and create more things with them!
    Thank you Sheila for sharing!
    brenda bliss


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