Thursday, February 7, 2008

Charmed, I'm Sure!

Look at the booty I received in the mail yesterday! I am in a charm group from an Art Conference I attend yearly, called Art and Soul. It is awesome! We "met" online through a group started by a few attendees, and got busy making charms to swap in person at Art and Soul last October. The name of the group is the "Charmsters" and we had so much fun, that we have decided to do other swaps as well. This one was a Valentine's swap. We all made 52 charms and got about 47 in return. Here they are! Tomorrow I'll post the bracelet I am making from them. Some poor soul (in this case Kecia of Lemoncholy blog) volunteers to be hostess, which is a giant undertaking. Very long story short, we all sent them to her, and she organized them and sent us each a package containing one charm from each person. Thanks Kecia!


  1. ok now I really do have charm envy!! Can't wait to see your bracelet.

  2. Hi SheShe,
    What a cool thing to get the charms! Art and Soul is so much fun; the gals who attend are always so anxious to have a good time. Nice to know that doesn't end when you get in your car and come home. Now, I guess we have to call you, "Charming?"

  3. Aren't these charms wonderful! This was a great swap and I can't wait to get mine all on a necklace and wear it this weekend.

  4. Hi did my catalog go thru? There is an angel statue in next town over ..that is famous..I have seen it used everywhere.Its called Weeping Angle I think it can be found on is in Hingham,Massachusetts


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