Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Public Safety Never Was So Cute!

I have the cutest Police Officer and Fireman here this morning. Of course, Brock on the left and Sam on the right. Sam is here for the morning and we get to take him to his kindergarten class at lunch time, as he goes to "big boy" school. I am meeting Brock's Mommy this afternoon to return him. It will make me sad as always, but we have had a wonderful time too.

How is it that I've had the time for TWO posts today? Simple, Brock has a playmate (besides me)! They are very busy. I must confess that I've gotten 2 tickets this morning for "going bad speed a hundred miles from home." Can't imagine what the fine will be for that one! Hopefully, I can stay out of trouble the rest of the morning.


  1. Two of the cutest public servants I ever saw... How did you get that handsome cop to button his shirt??? Oh wait it's when he is a rock star that he has it open!!
    Sam wanted to go back today he had such a good time!! Thanks again

  2. I'm still laughing at the tickets for "bad speed going 100 miles an hour from home." Too cute! I can't believe how fast he grows!!


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