Saturday, February 9, 2008

In Dire Straits

Soldering Iron? Check
Pliers? Check
Sterling Silver chain and wire instead of base metal because this is going to be my most fantastic work of art ever in my exciting birthday present class tomorrow with Sally Jean? Check
Ephemera? Check
Inspiration/theme/ideas? Not so much.
What is wrong with me? DH and I both still have colds, but it can't be that. I have been trying all week. Everything I thought of kept coming back to a color that I rarely wear, and don't usually use: Red. I kept steering away from it because it "isn't me" but in all my sweet dreams and imaginings this week about the class, it kept coming back to me. Well, I do have that little white souvenir of my baptism and it has a red ribbon and a little charm on it. That would look kinda cool encased in a "gothic arch" shaped pendant. OH, and those vintage/red/mint condition/never used/bakelite dominos with the box and tissue still intact. Hmm, red again! I could solder some of those, and use with my pendant chain. I could add in a little black and white, OH, and those little vintage red bingo letters, perfect. Red it is. Done and done!

Not so much. Dominos that I put in a special hiding place in the dining room and not packed in with my other junk in the millons of boxes in my work room? Not there. Special little baptism token? Not where I thought I left it. What's a girl to do? Wide-spread panic has ensued as you can witness in above photo. I can't be inspired! Am I broken? Have I lost my creative mojo? Well, I'm not sure! It's nearly 8 p.m. and nothing is really chosen or packed! Everything I bring must fit in that little rolling suitcase in the left of photo. How will I get all of this stuff in there so that I'll have plenty to choose from in class? I have to park a little ways away in a parking lot, so that's it.

I've decided to take a break to blog about it. My brain just needs a rest from the "art thoughts" I'm sure. (I'm not really sure, I'm just saying that to build my confidence). Sooo, if you have any ideas, quick! Email me, call me, come over, I don't care just help me snap out of it!


  1. Slow down...Go with the flow...Your mojo is still working!! LOL...Just look at the BEAUTIFUL post below!! Perhaps some red from here is speaking to you!! HAVE FUN! ENJOY! and create your little heart out! Make sure you share....
    The bracelet is heavenly...and I can hear your charms a ringing way over on the East coast!!

  2. Birthday??? did I hear Birthday???
    Sally Jean? You are spoiled! Can;t wait to see what you make!
    brenda bliss

  3. What did you make? Can't wait to see..


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