Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fun with Sally Jean!

The panic subsided, although I still didn't sleep... too excited! This was my fourth class with Sally Jean,and I just adore her. I haven't finished my neclace yet, but I made some things I really am happy with. I was able to make the 2 pieces shown, and I have several more pieces in various states of completion. I will be able to make a lot more than one necklace! Hurray!

I had never been to Sally's new studio, and it is awesome! It's in the Pearl district in the midst of cool shops and exciting things to see. I just took the one photo of the entry of her studio, because she has some "top secret" studio work going on in there. I will give you a hint: collage on canvas. Sally is so talented, and the collage I saw is to DIE for!

One of the pieces here is the "gothic arch" (hence the title "The Girl's Got Gothic"). The other piece (the round one) is a vintage tin which holds old "phonograph" needles. It is rusty and a bit dirty, but I didn't want to scrub the beauty off. I wanted to use it, but didn't know quite how, and as I was saying that, Sally ran to grab a piece of faceted glass. Perfect fit! I put some beads inside so they rattle around, and soldered it. I love it. And hmmm, turns out it is the light Aqua that I LOVE (not the red I was to settle for). When I bought the tins at an antique store in LA last year, DH said "what in the world are you going to do with those messy things?" Ha, I love it when it turns out this way, don't you?

Obviously, I need to practice soldering more to make things smoother. I love to solder, why don't I do it more? I always think of getting out the mess, blah blah blah. But, you know what? It really isn't that messy. So, expect to see more pieces from me in the future! (There, I've put it in writing, now I have to come through)!

p.s. If you haven't seen her book, it is terrific! (Pretty Little Things)


  1. These are wonderful...I am so JEALOUS that you get to have these wonderful play dates with Sally Jean...AMAZING! Can't wait to see the canvas work...
    You are getting better all the time...

  2. Oooh pretty! It must be so much fun to work on something creative like that. Take more pics!


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