Sunday, March 30, 2008

Busy Busy

Aren't we all? I feel kind of out of touch or out of sorts when I don't update my blog, know what I mean? We had a nice trip to Astoria, and it was great seeing our little guy. He is so cute and funny. It seems like forever ago though, so I'll be going up to get him this week on one of my days off. Can't wait.

So it turns out we do have exciting news from Astoria! Our friends Geoff and Diane Spalding from Fullerton, CA are moving there. Geoff got the new Police Chief position up there, they're very excited and I'm sure that they and their sons Daniel and Adam will love it. Welcome to Oregon, Spalding family!

I need to post all of my goodies from our travels this month (thrifting and antique stores, of course). I'll work on taking photos later today. One of the pieces I bought in Astoria is the CUTEST thing. It's a self contained little shelf unit that was a traveling salesman display. It closes and latches and I love it. I've decided its first home will be the master bathroom, but I'll miss what I have in there now, so I wanted to take a photo first. It will replace the silver tray with the pretty stuff on it. When I create a little vignette that I love, I like to keep it the same, and this little one has been there for 3 years, so I feel compelled to change it.

Why must I change it, you ask? I don't know, I kind of feel like I should. I don't want to have things stagnate. My friend Joy changes things in her house ALL the time, and it is like a new adventure everytime I go there. She is so creative. Sometimes she even switches the living room to the dining room, and vice versa. I admire that she doesn't get too attached to any one display or look, how do you do that, Joy? Ok, I am attached to the look of your living room with the pink and gray potting bench and the little pink chandelier sconces. Please put them back, and keep it that way forever. (I know, you have to keep things moving)...

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  1. Oh me oh my that is no little potting bench, it it 2 ft wide and 4 feet long, by the way now it is aqua and pink...but keep checking you just never know! I am amazed you don't change more often, I generally change when I clean/dust and I never have gone 3 years without dusting..
    Hope to see you soon! Love your pictures and glad your back physically and blogilly.


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