Monday, March 31, 2008

Foiled Again!

Bummer. My smarty pants husband is right again. He told me that my new little salesman cabinet thing (mentioned in the preceding post)wouldn't fit in the bathroom. "Huh! Who does he think he is?" I thought to myself. So with indignation, I marched myself out to my little SUV and hefted it out of the back myself! No thank, you I don't need any help!

I wrestled it into the bathroom. I tried and tried again, even tried to get it in to the space at a bit of an artistic angle. Nope, wouldn't fit, wouldn't budge. How frustrating! (Not that it wouldn't fit, but that the DH is right AGAIN). And as always, the "DH" stands for "Dear Husband" not something else. And guess what he had the nerve to say as I was lugging the thing out of the bathroom and down the hall past him? He said "I told you." Ugh. Hasn't he learned one thing after 19 years together? I'm not sure, but I think I spyed him out of the side of my eye with both hands on his hips too.

I'll show HIM, you know I will. I'll find an awesome place for this little beauty. But you can bet I won't utter the words, or write it here first once I've reached a solution. (He reads my blog too)... He'll just have to wait and find out for himself!

p.s. Isn't it cute though?


  1. It's adorable and you will find the perfect spot for it. It will be better than what you originally had planned for! Martha


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