Saturday, March 8, 2008

Oh My Gosh! Long Time No Post.

DH and I have been crazy busy. We were on a business trip for him the beginning of the week and today I helped my friend Joy at her shop for the "3 Friends Show." Since she needed my help she couldn't bear the thought that I would miss Cindy's show at her house, and Diane's show in her cute shop near her cute farmhouse. So..., Friday after I got off work from my "real" job we met downtown and drove to both places for our own little version of "early buying." They were all amazing!

I accidently left a bunch of things at Joy's today, (most importantly my camera), so I can't post the photos I got of all 3 places yet! That will make you just that much more eager to see them tomorrow! (right)? Please stay tuned...

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  1. Im eagerly awaiting those pics! Have a good evening :)


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