Sunday, April 6, 2008

Do you think we all have a twin?

Well, if I wasn't a believer before I sure am now! I don't mean a genetically related twin, I mean a "dead ringer" for someone, maybe even in another place or time.

Last month during our trip to Camas, WA I happened by this vintage photo of a young lady that made me stop and do a double take. This lady was an exact replica of a girl I work with. I don't mean she looked very similar, like everything but her nose or something, I mean it was HER absolutely exactly. Of course I had to buy it for my work mate Virginia. When I brought it to work before I showed her, I held it up to everyone that walked by, and they all said "Oh my gosh, that's VIRGINIA!" Even she was taken aback. It was inscribed from a photo studio in "Peru", Indiana. Amazing. If we do have a twin, don't you hope you can see yours sometime?


  1. Uncanny. I had someone send me a 5X7 photo they took of ME playing a cello or something...the big it a bass? was ME on a stage playing that thing. So weird.

  2. I think we might!!!! I've heard about us having "twins".. So enchantingly mysterious!!!!!!!~

  3. Don't really know, but it would be so weird if you ran into them...I always think I look different than I really do, I'm usually surprized when I see a picture of me, I probably wouldn't even recognize my own twin..And suppose she didn't "do" her hair??? Too strange to think about..

  4. I too think about that!! That photo looks like some of the ones that my mother has from her mother!! Its a small world :)


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