Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day and My Mom's Cute Little Place Downstairs

Happy Mother's Day! These are photos of my Mom's little yard in front of her little apartment downstairs. The apartment is even cuter than her little garden area. Our family has been through so much during the past 2 months, so it gives me great peace and comfort to know she lives just downstairs (there are stairs inside too leading up and down from our part of the house).

We built this house 3 years ago because we didn't want my Mom in Denver so far away from us. I'm her only daughter, when we left Denver over 5 years ago, I didn't realize how hard it would be to live so far away. It is a lot of work having her here, and it was a big adjustment, but I have such peace and comfort knowing that she is safe and sound just downstairs in her own little place. We have dinner together every evening, and we're just a shout away.

The photo of the pretty teenager in the silver heart shaped frame is my Mom. The photo behind her from 1916 is of my Great-Grandmother, Elodie Cyr. The tallest girl is my Grandmother Eva Cyr-Kuney (she grew to be 4ft 9 inches)! She would go on the next year that her Mother died to raise her nine brothers and sisters while her Father worked the farm. I can't imagine.

Blessings to all Mothers today and always.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you!!Hope you had a nice day. I love your little ladies all in a row..what if they could hold glitter!!

  2. Yes...blessings always!!
    Well aren't you the busy bee!! Wow!!
    You are doing some fabulous things wonder no one hears from you anymore!! LOL....
    Blessings to you Mimi!!


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