Thursday, May 22, 2008


Holy Cow, have I been busy! I started making these charms and thought I might sell a few. Well... "few" was an understatement. I brought them to work to show the girls here, and everyone in sight started buying them! They were just flying off the table! This is the reason I have not blogged in so long! I have been making charms night and day (seriously).

It is a very involved process. First I find vintage wallpaper, music, books, etc. and then make teeny tiny collages in the shape of my glass pieces. There is a lot of looking and cutting involved, since I won't use even two itsy bitsy scraps from the same source in the same collage. Very picky. I use only German glass glitter, and each charm must contain some form of vintage ephemera. I paint parts of them, color some with watercolor pencils, drawing pencils, etc. The glitter, glue and scissors are "a flyin'" at my house.

Some of my friends have taken the pieces that they bought to different boutiques around town and they may be interested in selling them. A few of them are for sure, and mayabe an art gallery. A fancy beauty salon wants them for sure as well.

I had no idea when I started them that it would be so time or labor intensive. Hours upon hours. BUT, I love doing it, so there you are. They are selling so quickly that I've not even have a chance to put my vintage ribbons on each one, package them, or create a display. Good heavens! Who knew this would turn into a business? I am very thankful. I owe it all to my teacher Sally Jean. MMMMMMMWAHH to you Sally Jean, and to my dear friends Tina and Mary who are helping me network, to Joy for helping me create my studio and Nina my Life Coach for helping me see all of the wonderful things that are possible for me to do in this world. I love you all.


  1. Oh Sheila, I'm so happy for you! You are a creative genius! I am so proud to wear my beautiful charm you made and to show everyone I meet. Your hard work is starting to pay off. You are the perfect example of following your dreams. You will finally be someone I know that truly is living the quote "do what you love, love what you do". There's no other way to say it but .... YOU ROCK!!!

  2. Sheila, your comments burst with joy and exuberance. What a treat to have watched you plant your own seed, nurture it, discard the weeds, and now your glorious blossom unfolds. Congratulations!

  3. Yeah for you!! You are the best!! I am so proud and happy for you!!And to think I was there when you had you first class!! Trust me when I say I KNOW how time consumming and hard this task is!! What a perfect project for you it fits every part of what you love in art!! I think I need you to give me a refresher class after Farm Chicks!!

  4. Sheila...
    HAPPY..HAPPY...HAPPY for you!! Good things are just beginning!! Watch out!! You are the weaver of your dreams!!
    So happy indeed!
    Artfully Yours...

  5. Look at you go girl! I am so impressed! And I'm just thrilled that you are enjoying this process of creating so much. Don't forget...flux is your friend...and to put something "protective" on your lap! Best wishes for much success, happiness, and life-joy to you! xoxo!


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