Monday, May 5, 2008

My Jewelry Pieces and Thanks

So, I've been soldering for a bit thanks to Sally's teaching skills.

I recently showed off my work at my "big girl job" and gave a few soldered charms to friends there. Well, word got around, and NOW I am nearly in business! The orders are flowing in! The photo is just a few of some of my latest pieces. I make all kinds, and love to do custom orders, so by all means, please spread the word!

And thanks to all of my friends who are my best advertisement, for helping to build my little business and calling me "an artist."


  1. What a wonderful blog - from a neighbor to the north!

  2. You are getting so many done, I need to come and have a soldering day with you!!

  3. You ARE amazing!! And to think this is just the beginning!!


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