Friday, April 25, 2008

Hard Work, Fun, Glass Supplies and Some Sally Jean Love!

Wow, an all in one day too! Oh, and I forgot to add shopping and cool stores and and thrifting on the way home. What a day! Joy and Sam came over in the morning, so that Joy could help me clean out my work room. (Soon to be studio...hurray)! More on that later. After the hard work and before the shopping I surprised Joy by bringing her along with me to Sally Jean's studio for a visit and to pick up supplies.

As you know, Sally is such a wonderful artist. I have taken several classes from her, and Joy and I took one together a few years ago. Sally Jean and her husband Brad are such terrific people. To know them is to love them. Together with my supplies (packed in her signature light aqua tissue and boxes), Sally included the most thoughtful gifts.

She remembered at the last class class I took, I fell in love with a jar of metal fish she had there. So, she included one of the awesome fish, some specially cut glass for me to create with, and a beautiful little antique porcelain doll (a "reject") buried in the ground at a doll factory in Germany in the 1800s! She knows I love doll parts! Especially old and broken ones!

Also in the photo (please click to enlarge) are 2 charms by Sally Jean. Why would I purchase charms from SJ when I make them myself? Well, because SHE made them and that makes them more special to me. This way I can own my own pieces of her art. She is amazingly talented, isn't she? OH, and if you haven't seen or purchased her book yet, (Pretty Little Things) you must take a look! It is amazing.

Just love ya, Sally. Thank you for spending time with us and letting us have another look around your creative and beautiful studio. It was a wonderful visit!


  1. ooo! I could have fun with those goodies!

  2. Hey Miss Sheila
    I had a great time with you on Thursday, I hope you could move on Friday! We are ready to come back for another round, of "what box should I put this in?" We did have a great time shopping and food from only the classiest of restaurants ...
    Hugs to you

  3. Who wouldn't fall in love with all these "pretty little things!!" Oh MY!
    When is play date and what time should I be there!!! LOL
    Wishing you a delightfully creative time...
    Artfully Yours...


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