Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lots of "Goings-On" Here on Halo Hill

Oh my gosh! We woke up this morning about 6:45 to a very frightening noise. It sounded like a geyser spouting, then it would stop, then on again, off again over and over. I thought something was on fire or that the water pipes in the street sprung a leak! I looked out the back windows... nope. My DH called me in to the guest room. "Come quick" he said. I ran in, and there was a huge hot air balloon just above our next door neigbor's house, right outside the window. We could even see the faces of the people inside the balloon basket. By the time I grabbed the camera and headed out the door, it was behind the house across the street. You can see it just peeking over the top of the house. Then it drifted to the left, onto the school grounds and I kept following to get a better shot (of course).

Well... by the time it landed I was almost down to the end of the block, and um, I realized how I was dressed (or wasn't)! I was in my night gown and robe, of course I didn't have time to tie my robe shut, so it was flying in the breeze as I darted down the sidewalk barefoot taking photos! If you know me or have seen me, you are now laughing! I know, I know! My sons will be just stricken when they find out and I think the DH was too. In the last photo, you can see our front door just barely open. I am sure as as he peered through the crack he was doing more than shaking his head in disbelief. He said nothing. By the time I got back in the house, he was in bed with the covers over his head.

Do you have a favorite bathrobe that you keep no matter what? You know, one with dried paint drops, and bleach marks on it? Maybe a few tiny rips in it, and remnants from your latest projects on it? Some coffee stains and cream dribbles down the front from the last few days of getting ready for work in haste? Well, I'm not SAYING I have one, I was just wondering. Other good news is that I met more of my neighbors, for example Beth, my new very young next door neighbor, whom of course I stopped near to introduce myself. I think she was stricken too, or I'd prefer to think maybe she's shy.

THEN, I went to Diane's show (Molly Mo's) at her barn in Sublimity. It was gorgeous, and yes I got photos. I will show you tomorrow. THEN, I took my Mom shopping (it was 100 degrees in Salem today)! Finally we made it almost home from our day, tired and a little bit dehydrated, when I spied this car in front of us! Can you believe it? A vintage Rolls Royce limousine! Of course I followed it to see where it was going. It ended up in our very town and parked in front of St. Mary's church. I bet the bride was beautiful. I couldn't make my Mom sit in the car any longer, since she patiently waited while I hit every garage sale on the way home between Salem and here. Just two treasures, and I'll show you later. Good day!


  1. Sounds like alot of fun!! The balloon looks amazing!~
    What fun!

  2. Hello!!

    What a lovely house... is it yours?? Love the charms below...amazing!! Take care..hugs Malin from sweden xxx


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